Using Body Mapping To Flag Workers’ Ill Health

Date Sun 15 May 2016 By Vicky Category misc.

Body Mapping is a technique that was developed in 1970s. It is a technique that involves the workers to create “body map” and stick flags on the human body diagram to indicate the painful areas. Using this, the employer can identify the trends and the present position of the employees and can analyze their work in order to prevent them from the health damages.

It is difficult to find the reality behind workers health and their work environment. The employees usually don’t care about minor health issues and these health issues are unrelated and insignificant to their jobs. It often takes time to relate your disease symptom with your workplace. People usually experience certain health effects due to their work spot. But it may take few years to diagnose that the effects are due to the over exposure in the work environment.

The body mapping follows various different approaches. One simple model that is usually used is the two large outlines of the human body with back and front views. The employees mark the areas with pencils or stickers in which they experience the pain or soreness. They also use color code system to indicate the severity of their issues. Also in case of higher effects the employees are asked to explain their health issues and difficulties in detail in the diagram.

Many techniques are followed in body mapping. But the task based approach will make the process and the term more meaningful. For example if the employees are allowed to mark stickers on the diagram about one of their co-workers health problem, all the employees need to focus and work on the particular task to make it more sensible. That is the whole body mapping session should be done with the co-operation of all the employees.

The best sessions are the ones in you get to do aerobic exercises with a group of employees who do a similar kind of job for 1 or 2 hour and then they come together for discussion. The body map differs from one person to another based on their profession and the kind of job they are involved in. For example the body map of the drivers show flags on the lower back due to their poor sitting or driving positions. The drivers might also experience pains in legs, wrist and stomach. Another example is that a group of office workers might experience pain in neck, wrists and shoulder and even in areas around the eyes.

Keeping it simple

Employees are the ones who know the effect and the health issues caused by their job. The actual fact is that they may not find the opportunity to discuss it with their managers or with their co-workers. Sometimes they think that getting a health issue due to the work environment is so common that they don’t want to discuss it with anyone. Most times, the workers think that it is all due to the effect of aging. But later you realize that working with a particular type of equipment or machine is the result for all of these effects.

Playtime In order to avoid all of these health issues to a certain extent, play time for workers is being implemented. This makes the employees get relieved from stress due to work even when they are at the office and they have fun which will reduce their stress leading to improved performance.