True Facts You Must Know About Stem Cell Therapy

Date Sat 14 May 2016 By Vicky Category misc.

Stem cell therapy is efficient to treat the diseases and injuries and it is used through blood stem cells that cure the blood diseases that give life back to several thousands of people affected with leukemia including children. It can also be used in tissue grafts for treating any diseases or bone injuries and also to treat skin and eye surface. Still doctors are researching to find the innovative stem cell methods to treat the diseases. In stem cell treatment, your own cells are used for any diseases like immune system problems and used in the stem cell transplantation. Using your own stem cell is called autologous transplant. You must ensure your doctor before taking the autologous treatment whether is there any risk in using your own cells to your body. If you are suffering from bone marrow transplantation, treating blood and immune system and to enhance the blood system after underwent treatment for cancer. It is a safe treatment and it is accepted by all people. It travels through the bone marrow and the advanced stem cell treatment comes from the heart.

This therapy facilitates to cure the damages tissues. For example, if your heart is damaged, this therapy produces local hormones to regain the affected heart cells and also tune the heart muscle cells. Stem cells are doing an excellent job and for some diseases and it needs to work better for some others. If there is any damaged caused to the heart cells, your heart fails to signal to the heart cells for a week after the damage and it leaves most of the job incomplete. Only part of the heart tissues are repaired and it becomes a burden to the heart function since the other tissues force the repaired tissues to work harder and thus results in less efficient work and leads to heart failure.

The research on stem cells was done in animal studies and also the patient's own stem cells that are readily available in the bone marrow. The study reveals very less benefit and the researchers are developing more promising approach that offers best stem cells treatment from the donor for a patient suffering from heart attack, after a heart attack producing the own cardiac stem cell of the patient immediately, offering cardiac stem cells from a donor after the heart attack later. For heart problems, this treatment method needs to improve and should prove as the safest approach to offer complete benefits to the patients. Many of the stem cells therapy is not yet proved and it produces complications to you to use the unproven treatments. You must think well before using such treatments. You must select the best doctor who offers success results and to find the best doctors you can get a reference from the previous patients and check how the treatment is given by the doctor, cost of the treatment and the healing process after the treatment. The stem cell researchers are still in learning process and needs to know thoroughly how this stem cell treatment works in the human body and how long it takes to completely recover from the treatment.