Different Types of Breast Augmentation Surgery Available In Atlanta

Date Thu 12 May 2016 By Vicky Category misc.

Breast Augmentation is the most preferred cosmetic surgery in recent days. This surgery is required by women for the following reasons. Less breast tissue To increase breast size To fit into clothing To look more feminine To get back the volume lost after pregnancy due to breast feeding To make breasts look symmetrical

The breast augmentation surgery has been in practice for several years. There are various best treatments available for Breast Augmentation Atlanta and you must know the basic details about the treatment before making your decision.

Breast Augmentation treatment is fat mammoplasty and it facilitates to enhance your breast size. It helps to increase volume of tissue surrounding your breast. You must know that you will not get extra cleavage in this treatment. Surgeons will not recommend decreasing your chest bone's width because it may give negative result sometimes. If you like more cleavage you can use Push-in or push-out bra as that is the best choice where your breast volume increases. You must understand one thing that the basic shape of your breast will not be modified in this treatment.

If you have decided to take this treatment, you must find out the exact reason of why you need this treatment and should not plan to undergo breast augmentation surgery without any valid reason. Influence of your friends or media alone should not motivate you to undergo this surgery. You are eligible for this treatment only after 18 years or more than that since your breast tissue would have reached its complete growth only after the age of 18 years. Also you would have noticed changes in your breast in various stages of your life like pregnancy, periods and changes in weight.

You must be aware about the four incision sites where this surgery is done. This helps you to select the best method to undergo breast augmentation surgery. Trans-Umbilical breast Augmentation or TUBA is the first site where the incision site is kept inside the belly button. It is less risky approach because only minimum number of cuts is made in this type of surgery. The breast implantation is done either below or above the chest muscle and it is common for all the types of incision sites. The benefit of this approach is you recover fast from this treatment.

Inframammary is the second incision site method where incision is placed in natural folds under your breast part. It is a very easy breast augmentation treatment from the surgeon’s point of view. Silicone gel or saline is used in this implantation method. The biggest drawback is that you feel irritation when wearing bra after your surgery. Also scar in this treatment can be observed by others when you lift your arms up while wearing your favorite bikinis.

The third type is called infra-areola. Here incisions are placed on each breast areola. Saline or silicone gel is used and you can notice changes in color and texture of breast skin that help to hide scar due to surgery.

In trans-auxiliary, the last type the incision is located at the armpits. The drawback is you have a higher chance of asymmetry. The incision is visible when you wear a sleeveless dress if it is not healed properly.