The Benefits Of Gum Recession Treatment

Do you feel your gums do not frame your teeth properly? Are they out of shape and dampening your smile? It is time you contact your dentist to enhance your aesthetic appeal. Gum re-sculpting surgery offers the best relief to patients suffering to incorrect gum placement. Periodontist specializes in gum treatment. A qualified and experienced periodontist offers excellent remedy for your oversized or undersized gums. Dr Sims clinic offer best periodontal care for people suffering from irregular gums. provides all the information pertaining to dental and craniofacial research, clinical trials and tips on oral health.

Reasons for uneven gums There are a number of reasons for uneven gums leading to gummy smile. This condition is when the teeth are covered by excessive gum tissues giving an appearance that your teeth are too small. The fact is that below the gum tissues your teeth is in perfect size and removing the excess gum can reveal your beautiful teeth. It is all about creating a balance. Get an attractive smile by undergoing re-sculpting surgery.

Gummy smile could be an inheritance or it might be a result of some health problems or even over dosage of prescription drugs. If the gums are high then most of the teeth is exposed, this could be due to gum recession where the gums may have been pulled away exposing the roots of the teeth. This could lead to sensitivity while taking excessive hot or cold items. It could even lead to tooth decay and the risk of losing your tooth. Bacterial infection could also cause this type of disorder, destroying the gum tissues and the supporting structure like the bone and ligament.

Reshaping gums for aesthetic enhancement Removing excessive gum tissues your gums can be reshaped. The procedure is simple and straightforward and can be planned by your periodontist. Small amounts of gum tissues can be removed after administering local anesthesia. In certain cases extensive surgery may be required to remove bone below the gum to enhance the appearance of your teeth. The treatment is also called crown lengthening as you can cover your teeth with veneers or crowns; this ensures the exposed tooth can be protected.

Gum recession treatment If you encounter gum irregularity, it is time for gum recession treatment. The aim is to clear gum disease and deep cleansing in case of bacterial infection. The treatment helps to heal the gums quickly and reduce the gap that has developed between the teeth and the gums. This part of gum grafting when another tissue removed from your mouth area can be used to regenerate the lost tissue. This way the gum tissues and the teeth can be protected enhancing the cosmetic appearance of your personality.

Maintaining healthy gums is the dental goal of everyone. There are some easy ways to minimize recession. It can be done by brushing your teeth twice and flossing. Periodical dental cleaning by professionals could ensure your gum do not recede easily. But it may not be as simple as this in some cases. Gum receding is a hereditary condition for some and despite excellent oral hygiene they could suffer from this disease. Taking the advice of specialist dentist can give you instant relief from this problem.