Best Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments In San Diego

Now there are a lot of cosmetic dental treatments to maintain your good oral hygiene. The traditional dental treatments are also available that mostly deal with teeth coloring, broken teeth, gum bleeding etc. There are many different treatments offered by cosmetic dentistry San Diego. Some of them are listed here and you can make a quick reference before deciding on the cosmetic dental requirement. Bite Reclamation is done in the vertical dimension of your teeth where it undergoes wear and tear as years pass by due to excessive grinding and acid reflux. You can notice the huge difference after this treatment because it gives you closed appearance of your face and smile. Dental Bonding enhances your smile by repairing the cracks, replaces silver amalgamation fillings, discolored teeth and repairs the misaligned teeth if there is too much space between teeth.

It helps to get a straight smile and it does not take a long time to complete this treatment. Based on the severity of the problem, the treatment will be completed in a single day visit or takes multiple weeks. The treatment must be done with utmost care to avoid any future dental problems. Dental braces are the device that orthodontists use to align your teeth. It is mostly required in the teenage period and some adults require the braces for misaligned teeth or jaws. The braces can be kept on lower teeth, upper teeth and in both based on your need. Fixing the orthodontist braces is the simple process and it will not give you more pain. Your doctor will provide you with orthodontic wax to decrease discomfort. You should strictly obey the food chart as prescribed by your doctor till the braces are completely pulled off. You should not take sticky foods thereby the wire will not loosen and the braces stay in position. Bridges are required to close the space between the teeth, replacing artificial teeth in the place of misplaced teeth, and for partial dentures.

It will not take much time and you can complete the treatment in two visits at one hour in each visit. You should maintain good oral care so as to make the bridges last for three to fifteen years. Dental Crown is also called caps and it is kept above the damaged tooth to regain its shape and appearance and strength. It is usually made with ceramic, metal etc. It is an expensive treatment and your dentist will recommend this only if necessary. It is durable for 5 to 15 years. The denture is artificial teeth and it can be removed if required. It is fixed in the place of the artificial teeth. You can select either complete denture or partial denture based on your requirement. You can go for complete denture by fixing it in both the upper row and lower row when you lose your entire tooth. Dental veneers help to avoid stains in your teeth permanently and you can get dazzling white teeth in this treatment. Porcelain veneers are highly durable and last for a long while. It is the best option for treating stains, misaligned teeth, broken and misshaped teeth.